52businesses’ New Project Will Help 12 Entrepreneurs Over 12 Months

In 2015, 52businesses helped 52 entrepreneurs over 52 weeks in one year. Their goal was to showcase the accessibility of entrepreneurship, especially in its initial stages, by highlighting the process of turning an idea into a business.

The new 52businesses project, 52.0, the team is looking forward to helping 12 entrepreneurs over 12 months build their projects from the ground up.

“Many times, experienced business owners and entrepreneurs have been building other people’s ideas, hoping one-day to make something of their own,” shared the 52businesses team. “Other times, they have the means and passion for entrepreneurship, but don’t know where to start or feel that they don’t have enough time.”

Besides helping entrepreneurs grow their big ideas, the company is also focused on educating and helping the public. They will be sharing the yearlong journey through blog posts and other mediums.

52businesses is still accepting applications for the year. For more information, visit 52businesses.com.