The 10th Annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week by the Numbers

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) is the annual festival of innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking in New Orleans. The 10th annual event up a few weeks ago and The Idea Village, producers of NOEW, have released the details.

NOEW welcomed thousands of attendees across the full week of 60 events that were hosted around the city.

“NOEW 2018 provided a platform to connect in a city like no other, to invest in a city like no other, and to learn, pitch, and network in a city like no other,” shared Victoria Adams Phipps, Executive Producer at NOEW.

The participating entrepreneurs were awarded $330,000 in startup funding and services throughout NOEW. Over the last decade, 760 entrepreneurs have been supported through the festival and awarded $4.3 million in cash and prizes.

“Entrepreneurship doesn’t just happen downtown, it happens in every day in every neighborhood in our city. By working with incredible partner organizations across the region, we were able to host pitch competitions, workshops, and networking events throughout New Orleans, deepening our engagement with local communities and expanding our impact in a meaningful way,” Adams Phipps continued.