Digital Driver’s Licenses are Coming to Louisiana

A team of Louisiana-based designers and developers at digital agency Envoc have been working to launch a new app for digitizing driver’s licenses across the state. The app, called La Wallet, allows you to create a digital replica of their Louisiana driver’s license to store on a smartphone.

Also known as Louisiana Digital Driver’s License,the app will launch within the next couple weeks following the final round of testing and approval by Apple and Google. Users will be able to download their digital license for $5.99 for the duration of the current license period.

Envoc has partnered with both Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and State Police to make the digital driver’s license a reality. A state law under Act 625, amended during the 2016 Legislative session, made it possible for Louisiana residents to carry a digital copy of their license as an alternative to a physical license.

Users may be asked to produce a physical driver’s license to a law enforcement office outside of traffic stops or checkpoints. A physical license will still be required for boarding an aircraft, but, “every bar, casino, restaurant and convenience store should be able to accept this license,” said Chad LaCour who came up with the idea for La Wallet seven years ago.