Indian Tech Services Company iMerit Plans Delivery Center in New Orleans

Technology services company iMerit has announced it will open a delivery center in New Orleans, supporting clients with both Spanish and English natural language processing and computer vision needs.

The company has offices in both Kolkata, India, and Saratoga, California. This will be their first delivery center in the United States, which will hire more than 100 employees.

“New technologies like natural language understanding and computer vision, rely heavily on humans to create the nuanced data that fuels the algorithms. We operate where people are eager to develop digital skills and to transform their lives and those of their families,” shared Radha Basu, founder and CEO of iMerit. “New Orleans has huge potential as a multilingual and multicultural hub with strong local backing for business.”

iMerit calls itself a human-powered computing company, focusing on delivering data and digital services to clients in machine learning, e-commerce, financial services, and computer vision. “We partner with the world’s most innovative companies to unlock the value hidden within unstructured data and to improve technical process efficiencies while making a social impact.”

To learn more about the delivery center planned for New Orleans, click here.