What’s Happening Wednesday at Collision Conference

The big news broke yesterday that North America’s fastest growing tech conference, Collision Conference, is moving from New Orleans to Toronto in 2019.

With two more days to go with Collision in New Orleans, here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

  • The three most favorited talks today include A logotype masterclass with Jessica Hische, A race to the AI finish line with Williams F1, and Two lefts don’t make a right, which is all about logistics.
  • The startups that everyone is loving today are car rental startup Turo, the platform for real-time processing and interpretation of neural signals, Intheon, and Woorly, a customer management app.
  • Center Stage at the Convention Center kicks off at 10:15 am with a discussion about what the future holds for American innovation and entrepreneurship

Visit collisionconf.com for the full schedule and details about tonight’s Night Summit on Frenchmen Street.