Everything You Need to Know About the Women in Tech at Collision

As Collision Conference heads into its last ever day in New Orleans, some might be wondering about the representation of women at North America’s fastest growing tech conference.

The team behind Collision–the same group behind Web Summit— shared that more than a third of the 400 conference speakers are women. The 2018 speaker list is 35 percent women, up  60 percent from last year. And, “tech industry events typically have around 20% female speakers,” organizers continued.

Collision offered 25,000 special subsidized Women in Tech tickets for the conference, helping bring the total percentage of female attendees this year to 42.5 percent.

Booking.com also launched the first of a series of networking initiatives for women through the Booking.com Women in Tech lounge at the conference. “We are committed to championing gender diversity and creating more opportunities for women to enter, advance and thrive in the tech sector,” said Gillian Tans, CEO of Booking.com.

Nicola Lyons, Community Manager and head of the ‘Women in Tech’ initiative at Web Summit, added, “Although we know we can do better to further improve the gender ratio, we have worked hard to get to 35% women speakers at Collision 2018. We are committed to building a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.”

To view the full conference schedule for today, visit collisionconf.com.