Toast! is the Latest Startup That Wants to Help Your Hangover

New Orleans is a city well known for its parties year round, and there are countless remedies for the city’s hangover. The newest is called Toast!, a gummy supplement for alcohol drinkers formulated to support your body and its natural response to alcohol.

Founder and former New Orleanian Sean O’Neill was told three years ago that he had cirrhosis of the liver because of his drinking. While the diagnosis turned out to be wrong, O’Neill still spent time researching what drinking alcohol does the body and found his way to creating Toast! through his research.

Toast! is designed to help your body in four ways. The ingredients help reduce inflammation, boost your ability to breakdown and neutralize acetaldehyde, diminish oxidative stress, and help you get a better night sleep.

O’Neill launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign during Collision Conference in New Orleans last week, which he said was the perfect market for the product. The money raised from the campaign will go towards manufacturing the first round of Toast! gummies.

With 24 days left in the campaign, Toast! hss raised $11,287 of the $30,000 goal with the help of 55 backers.

“We’re working with a great, FDA registered manufacturer, we’ve got packaging lined up, all we need is the funds to put down deposits and start making gummies” O’Neill said.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign for more information about Toast!