Louisiana Technology Park Welcomes Three New Member Companies

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog. 

he Louisiana Technology Park has recently brought on three new member companies. The companies, OfficerReports.com, StorageAuctions.com, and Kydos! – a new arm of Catapult Creative Media, all align with the Louisiana Technology Park’s mission to bring innovative, technology-forward products and services to market in Baton Rouge.

CEO and Founder of OfficerReports.com, Courtney Sparkman, said the decision to set up shop in the Louisiana Technology Park was an easy one, given the mix of amenities, services, and access to a network of entrepreneurs and business owners within the Tech Park. “As a small business, having a network is the most important thing. The help you need with technology and development is huge, so having a network of peers is incredibly important for finding resources, assistance and advice,” Sparkman said.

CEO and Founder of StorageAuctions.com Lonnie Bickford chose the Louisiana Technology Park as his company’s new base of operations after learning about the Louisiana Technology Park’s many incentives, including high internet speeds, backup generator protection, and flexibility with space. Bickford’s company has recently grown 30% month-over-month and has expanded to service more than 40 states. Bickford stated that this growth has made staffing needs difficult to predict, so the potential for expansion within the Louisiana Technology Park in the future was enticing.

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