Want to Avoid a Rental Dispute? There’s an App For That

Two Tulane students have developed an app in New Orleans that helps both landlords and renters track a property’s condition.

RentCheck is a rental inspection app designed so tenants can take time-stamped, uneditable photos of properties, which can help them receive security deposits quickly and without dispute upon move out. “The app prompts the user to add notes, take photos, and generally guides them through checking appliances, electrical outlets and the condition of each room,” shared a release from Tulane.

Launched by law and business student Lydia Winkler and her co-founder Marco Nelson, also a business student, RentCheck wants to standardize move-in and move-out inspections throughout the rental process.

“We’re building a product that alleviates the friction between landlords and renters around security deposits,” said Nelson.

Winkler was inspired to create RentCheck after a previous landlord refused to return her security deposit and she was forced to sue, eventually receiving the deposit a full year later.

The app first launched in March, just before thousands of local students planned to move out of their apartments for the summer. RentCheck was also created for landlords who request renters to submit a move-in inspection.

RentCheck is available on the App Store and will launch for Android devices soon.