Cleargistix Rolls Out Two New Partnerships for Oil and Gas Customers

Cleargistix is a company headquartered in Mandeville that has developed a solution to allow oil and gas companies to digitally capture revenue, safety, inspection, payroll, and other information to help manage its processes.

The company has recently partnered with both ProcureDox and Energy OnRamp to help their customers be more efficient in terms of business processes such as review, approval, reporting, and help with the streamlining of revenue cycles.

Cleargistix’s latest partner, Energy OnRamp, uses its three consulting groups to analyze and pinpoint areas where increased efficiency can solve existing problems and help oil and gas companies meet their strategic goals. They will now use the digital field ticketing solution developed by Cleargistix in this ongoing strategic partnership.

ProduceDox is the developer of electronic invoicing and data exchange solutions and their new partnership will assist oilfield and other companies in their efforts to increase the efficiency of their revenue cycles.

“We are excited to be partnering with ProcureDox to bring to the market a true, digital solution that will enable companies to streamline their field information gathering and invoicing processes,” said Steven Toups, President and CEO of Cleargistix.