70 Participants Selected for Statewide Bioinformatics Educational Program

New Orleans-based biomedical data analytics company Pine Biotech has partnered with the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network for a new training program focused on bioinformatics.

The Louisiana Biomedical Research Network Summer Bioinformatics Training Program kicked off earlier this month with 70 participants, who will be provided with online resources and practical exercises in analyzing high-throughput biomedical datasets through August 15.

This platform allows scientists and students from all backgrounds to use computational approaches to explore large biomedical data,” shared Pine Biotech. “The innovative program will address the major skills gap in processing and analysis of high-throughput biomedical data. This will be achieved by participants applying algorithms to quantify gene expression and detect statistically significant variation from RNA-seq projects in oncology.”

For more information about the new program, visit  edu.t-bio.info/summer-program.