Three Tips to Improve Internal Communications

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

Did you know that one-third of organizations with deskless employees still make their company-wide announcements via a bulletin board? Y’know, that cheap piece of framed corkboard with pushpins holding up pieces of paper?

That may seem anachronistic, but some of the things companies are doing today will seem just as out-of-date in a few years. Here are some tips on how your organization can improve its internal communications so it can be ahead of the curve instead of hopelessly behind the times.

Treat Inside Like Outside

Scott Greggory, chief creative officer at MadAveGroup, a family of marketing agencies, says leaders should treat their employees like they would an external audience. Craft exciting content that gets them engaged, and distribute it through smaller bits of information spread across different channels. Think about talking to employees like you would your customers.

“If information is worth communicating, it’s worth the effort to communicate it effectively,” Greggory says. “Even when you’re trying to share important facts or insight with your team members, take time to put your thoughts into a style or format that will have the most impact.”

Just like customers, employees are exposed to countless messages and requests every day, so internal communications need to stand out if the message is going to be effectively absorbed. Invest the same level of care that you would in your advertising content.

And, Greggory says, don’t be afraid to embrace humor and emotion in internal communications. After all, employees are people, and they respond when they’re moved or made to laugh. “Every situation and every corporate culture is different, but whenever you can effectively tell stories, use analogies or embed emotional or humorous elements in your internal emails, you stand a better chance of engaging your audience and making it easier for them to retain your main point,” Greggory says.

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