Hybrid Business Accelerator Launches in Lafayette

Lafayette is home to a brand new hybrid business accelerator program called Accelerate South. The program is currently seeking innovative healthcare startups to apply and potentially be one of the ten companies selected.

The three month program will connect participants to big names in the healthcare industry, who will welcome them to test their products and services and potentially receive investment from the experts.

Program partners include LHC Group, Acadian Companies, and the Lafayette General Foundation, which are three of the largest healthcare companies in the country.

“I think with this accelerator program really we are looking to partner with any organization that can help us do our job better. If the companies are ready not only do we give them access to our sandbox to our subject matter experts to our cash but we almost always make them our first client,” said Cian Robinson Director Lafayette General Foundation.

Accelerate South was launched recently following the previous Accelerate Acadiana program, and is funded by a federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant through Winrock International.

Applications are due on July 15.