New Orleans Airport Ranks Among Most Cyber-Secure in the Country

New York-based cloud security company Coronet has released a new report about the least vulnerable airports in terms of cybersecurity. Coronet collected data from more than 250,000 consumer and corporate endpoints over the course of five months.

The company found that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, also known as MSY, is the 6th least vulnerable airport to cybersecurity out of the 45 busiest in the country.

This means, “flyers are less likely to connect to unencrypted, unsecured or improperly configured networks, making them less vulnerable to identity theft, financial fraud and personal files/picture theft,” shared an airport representative.

The only airports who ranked safer than MSY include: San Antonio International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, Nashville International Airport, Raleigh Durham International Airport, and Chicago-Midway International Airport.

According to the report, the most vulnerable airport is the San Diego International Airport. “Far too many U.S. airports have sacrificed the security of their Wi-Fi networks for consumer convenience,” said Dror Liwer, Coronet’s founder and CISO. “As a result, business travelers in particular put not just their devices, but their company’s entire digital infrastructure at risk every time they connect to Wi-Fi that is unencrypted, unsecured or improperly configured.”