How to Use LinkedIn for Sales Outreach

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

If you’re a business selling to other businesses, Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools to generate sales leads and build relationships with potential customers. But it takes the right approach to make the social network an effective sales tool for your business, says Jake Jorgovan, founder of Lead Cookie.

Founded in 2017, Colorado-based Lead Cookie is a productized service for LinkedIn that offers “done-for-you lead generation” for the social network. Jorgovan launched the company after experiencing success with LinkedIn Prospecting and his own consulting business.

“If your target market is B2B, it is just an invaluable tool because it’s the social network where people are going for business,” he says. “You don’t want LinkedIn if you’re just trying to target consumers, but if you’re selling to other businesses it’s invaluable to both research and find prospects, find who works there and find the right people.”

Jorgovan shared three principles that any B2B company can apply to their LinkedIn approach to help generate quality sales leads.

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