AT&T Plans to Launch Mobile 5G in New Orleans

AT&T has a new mobile 5G deployment strategy that will soon be available in New Orleans. Across the country, the company plans to use millimeter wave spectrum to deploy 5G in dense areas, and deploy 5G on their mid and low-band spectrum holdings in some urban areas as well as suburban and rural areas.

In addition to launching in New Orleans, AT&T is bringing mobile 5G to Houston, Jacksonville, Louisville, and San Antonio this year. Seven cities were previously announced for the 5G coverage, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, and Waco. AT&T will continue to roll out mobile 5G to more cities in 2019.

“Over the weekend, in Waco, Texas, working with our key technology collaborators, we made the world’s first wireless 5G data transfer over millimeter wave using standards-based, production equipment with a mobile form factor device,” shared AT&T. “Not a lab. Not pre-production hardware. Not emulators. And fully compliant with global standards.”

AT&T is working with Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung as their technology suppliers as they continue to build a national network of 5G coverage.

“5G is coming, faster than many realize. By working closely with AT&T and other key collaborators on successful 5G trials over the years, we’ve brought 3GPP mobility standards-based 5G technology closer to commercial reality today,” said Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president and head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson.