Dockless Electric Scooters are Heading to New Orleans

Lime is the dockless scooter startup making waves in cities around the world, and they are planning their launch in New Orleans next.

The City of New Orleans promised Lime a pilot program in the Big Easy, which City Council will be voting on in the near future. If all goes well, a fleet of Lime scooters could be launched in less than three weeks.

Lime is founded on the simple idea that that all communities deserve access smart, affordable mobility. The company runs a program for low-income riders that lets anyone who receives federal or state assistance get half off rides.

Over 100 local businesses have already signed on as Lime hubs, offering dedicated parking space for riders. Riders are encouraged to only park in the hubs, or near an existing bike rack that is out of the wall of pedestrian traffic.

Lime sees their sustainable and environmentally friendly scooters as the perfect compliment to the city’s expanded bike lanes. To use Lime, riders simply download the app, locate a bike on the map, and unlock the scooter. To unlock a bike costs $1, and then 15 cents per minute after that. The scooters max out at around 15 mph, so its recommended to wear a helmet and ride in bike lanes whenever possible. 

California and Massachusetts are currently the most populated by Lime scooters, and they are also available to use in cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Madrid. New Orleans is often looked at as a city that gets things last behind New York, Los Angeles, and other major markets, but not this time.