Lyft Will Pay New Orleanians to Ditch Their Cars

Lyft, the fastest growing ridesharing company in the country, has a unique challenge for New Orleans residents this fall. They are launching the Ditch With Lyft program that will randomly select 50 people to participate October 8 through November 6.

Ridesharing has already changed the way Americans depend on owning a car and how we get around cities – but now it’s time to take an even bolder step toward creating a new future of mobility,” shared Lyft.

Participants will receive a Lyft credit valued at $300, a Bike Easy credit of $55 to use towards a new bike or bike tune up, and a one-month public transportation pass worth $55.

“The way that people move around cities is changing faster than ever, and we are excited to challenge New Orleans residents to change their everyday habits and give up their car for a month,” said Jessica Inman, Market Manager for Lyft Louisiana. “Lyft alone is not the overall solution to overcome transportation hurdles, but by partnering with organizations like RTA and Bike Easy we are able to create a full menu of mobility options for New Orleans residents.”

The Ditch With Lyft program is also available in dozens of other cities. New Orleanians have until September 30 to apply. To enter, visit