Tech Talent South to Host Free Workshops During NOLATech Week

Tech Talent South is a coding bootcamp dedicated to fostering talent in technology throughout the southeast United States and aid the region in evolving its high-tech hubs.

The organization is gearing up to host three free workshops next week as part of NOLATech Week, the largest free technology conference in the South.

Find out about all of the workshops below:

Free Workshop: Web Development Essentials | Tuesday, October 9th | 3:30PM

Join us for an introduction to Web Development Essentials as we delve into the world of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Have you ever wanted to create a nice, beautiful, simple website for yourself, your dog, or your favorite cast member from Seinfeld (oddly specific, but don’t think to much into it)? Well come on by and join us as we go over the essentials needed in website building and we reveal the man behind the curtain because coding is a lot easier than you think! In this beginner-focused three hour workshop, attendees will learn about the fundamental tools of front-end development (HTML, CSS & Bootstrap) and build out their first very own website.

Free Workshop: The Wild, Wild West of Programming | Wednesday, October 10th | 2:00PM

Created in 10 days, JavaScript is the more popular, younger brother of the web development world. One of (if not the) most popular languages in the world, JavaScript is the cornerstone of website interactivity. Are you obsessed with functionality? Probably not? That’s alright JavaScript will still win you over with its interesting syntax, convoluted organization, and crazy power. In this beginner focused three hour workshop, attendees will learn the fundamentals behind JavaScript and build out an interactive browser game to take back to the kids.

Free Workshop: Ruby 101: Coding Made Easy | Thursday, October 11th | 5:00PM

Have you ever wanted to hack a main frame? Yes? Well that’s actually really, really difficult to do (some could say impossible) but we CAN help you feel like a hacker, and honestly isn’t that good enough. Join Tech Talent South as we teach you the fundamentals of coding using our favorite coding language, Ruby! We’ll cover the basics behind Ruby and have you build out some fun terminal games that will have you feeling like the techie version of James Bond (spoiler alert: way, way cooler than Spy James Bond). In this beginner focused three hour workshop, attendees will learn the basics behind Ruby (and also the basics behind coding in general).