Tulane Launches Applied Computing Lab for Cybersecurity Students

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement (SoPA) has a brand new applied computing lab for its students in the Applied Computing Systems & Technology program. The program focuses on integrated application development, business systems analysis, information technology, and cybersecurity.

Tulane’s new lab is designed to help students bridge the gap between the reality and virtual worlds through hands on training to prepare them for tech jobs.

“The opportunity to teach students in a real-world environment offers them practical learning that they can take and use on a job,” says Ralph Russo, Director for Applied Computing Programs and Professor of Practice, IT Management and Cybersecurity. “We are teaching them to apply real skills and applications to meet on-the-job expectations and demands.”

The lab acts as a digital corporate enterprise system where students get hands on experience and learn to work as if a task or ticket was opened at a real company.

“New Orleans has seen a boom in the technology space,” added Russo. “We are tailoring coursework to meet the demands of jobs both in this region and beyond. Our students will be  leaving the program better prepared to transition to a position because they are learning technology and security in a real-time and realistic environment.”

To learn more about the program at Tulane, visit sopa.tulane.edu.