International Entrepreneurs Headed to New Orleans with Help From Local Organizations

On Monday, October 15, seven international entrepreneurs will arrive in New Orleans as part of a fellowship hosted by the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) of the U.S. Secretary of State. The entrepreneurs are from Albania, Armenia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, and the Netherlands, and will spend one week in New Orleans.

New Orleans-based Good Work Network, Loyola University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, and Propeller are serving as the host committee for the entrepreneurs.

The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative Fellowship recipients will be provided with business coaching, connections to the city’s business and civic leadership, and a place to work courtesy of Propeller while in New Orleans.

YTILI wants to empower entrepreneurs and innovators to make the connections needed and receive the resources to help their businesses thrive.

“We have seen the value in fostering transatlantic dialogue to further innovation, partnership, and stronger economies both here and abroad, and are excited to support this work through the YTILI program,” shared Hermione Malone, executive director of Good Work Network.