Debt Manager App Tally Launches in Louisiana

Tally is an automated debt manager app that allows users to keep all of their credit card information in one place and reduce debt along the way.

The app is now available in Louisiana, where consumers have an average of more than $6,000 of credit card debt. Once approved, users have the option to receive a line of credit with a lower interest rate, which saves money.

“Credit card debt is a huge source of stress and anxiety for so many people,” said Jason Brown, Tally CEO and co-founder. “Tally allows people to use credit cards for the convenience and rewards without worrying about late fees and other penalties.”

To date, Tally has saved users millions of dollars in interest and is acquiring new users to help them save money and reduce debt. “The company has its own underwriting and financing models, which allow it to pass on savings not typically available to consumers.”