New Digital Platform Paves Way for Curb Management

There’s a new curb management platform coming to a city near you. Headquartered in New Orleans, Curbway provides “air traffic control” for curb usage in congested areas. The company says they are designing the next generation mobility solution for cities.

Curbway provides a way for cities and their parking and enforcement vendors, as well as delivery and shipping providers, transportation companies, and others to connect and optimize their use of curb space.

“The curb is one of the most undervalued city assets and still operates in an analog fashion. Confusing signage, antiquated policies, and complex zoning regulations all complicate management efforts for this essential public space,” shared John Spivey, CEO of Curbway. “Digital curb management is the single biggest transportation challenge facing municipal transportation professionals, urban planners, administrators and public policy managers.”

The Curbway platform accomplishes three main things: maps and digitizes city curb inventory and policies; makes payments universal and cross-platform; and improves compliance with the use of existing enforcement strategies.

“Curbway will serve as the platform of record by centralizing and storing all rate, policy, and transactional data associated with the city’s curb use.”

Select cities will be part of the company’s pilot program in early 2019, and it will be more widely available later next year.