Elm Street Technology Acquires New Orleans-Based eMerge

New Orleans-based marketing and automation technology and marketing services provider eMerge has been acquired by Elm Street Technology.

Both companies are in the real estate industry, with Elm Street Technology acting as one-stop shop for new leads, client relationship management, and client retention tools. This marks their fifth acquisitions over the last two years, done in an effort to expand their services portfolio.

“The marketing automation platform that eMerge has developed is effectively enabling brokers, teams and agents to stay in close contact with their past, present and future clients,” said said Prem Luthra, President and CEO of Elm Street Technology.

The eMerge platform effectively enables brokers, teams, and agents to stay in close communication with clients, Luthra continued.

With eMerge’s founder and CEO Bondilyn Jolly at the helm, Elm Street Technology is launching a brand new agency called 3sixtyfive, a marketing services provider for the real estate community.

“The real estate industry is inundated with bolt-on products and services that ultimately are ineffective for an intelligent, streamlined user experience,” said Jolly. “Today’s real estate professionals need an ‘easy button’ when it comes to technology, and by aligning with EST, we are one step closer to building a comprehensive experience for both the real estate community and the clients they serve.”