New Orleans-Based Dreamster Media Launches Podcast Series About Entrepreneurship

Dreamster Media is a New Orleans-based podcast production company that recently released a new podcast all about the founder’s journey in the digital media age.

The Dreamster Podcast was created by Brandon Bulliard, who founded the company in 2016 in order to provide captivating content to listeners. He says the new podcast is told in a narrative style similar to the Startup Podcast or the Freakonomics Podcast.

The goal of the Dreamster Podcast, our flagship show, is to tell an honest, captivating story—my story—that inspires the audience to go after their own dreams,” shared Bulliard.

Bulliard has released the first two episodes of Dreamster Podcast, as well as the podcast’s video companion show called Dreamster LIVE.

Episode topics include: how to be famous in the digital media age, how to live and work from anywhere, how artificial intelligence can maximize productivity, and more.

Dreamster Media also partners with businesses and individuals to help them launch their own digital content.