IGNITE Cities Sets Sights on Louisiana

Global consulting firm IGNITE Cities has officially launched their Connected City Consulting Practice to build smarter, more connected cities and the people who live in them.  

The Chicago-based organization is already working with several other partner cities and its mayors, including Los Angeles, Miami, Honolulu, and Columbia, South Carolina.

IGNITE hopes to build relationships with other mayors, CIOs, and technology firms to architect connected cities. Cities in Louisiana are on the organization’s radar for potential partnerships to resolve local issues such as homelessness, education, infrastructure, and safety.

“We are challenging everyone to improve the way people live by connecting devices, people, and services,” said IGNITE CEO George Burciaga. “I’ve spent 18 years with cities across the world; our team’s focus is on providing the platform and framework required for the collaboration necessary to resolve critical city issues, driven by mayors around the world.”

Burciaga’s expertise is in digital city transformation, government efficiencies, and smart city modeling. By partnering with city leaders, he and the IGNITE team are hoping to realign smart city solutions that can scale both throughout cities and across cities.

Three components are reviewed to determine a city’s profitability: new revenue, defined efficiencies, and actual sustainability. “With only 29% of public sector tech projects and city infrastructure remaining successful today, the industry is in dire need of a reliable solution,” shared IGNITE.