Legal Software Company Brings Its Cutting-Edge Platform to The Big Easy

It didn’t take Litify’s Southeast Director, Alfredo Sánchez, more than a few seconds to provide his recommendation and desire on where to start the company’s Southeast Hub.

Litify is an unorthodox company bringing much needed technological change to an industry ripe for disruption. That industry being Legal. New Orleans is an unorthodox city that defines resilience and harbors many tremendous law firms, not only in the State, but in the surrounding region. It’s perfect.”

Sánchez, an Isidore Newman and Tulane grad, who spent 13 years as an executive at several large tech companies in New York City including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and LinkedIn, is excited for the opportunity to bring something back home that can benefit the community and spark a growing tech presence in the city.

Rewind just two years to 2016 when Litify was created by founder Reuven Moskowitz. The idea was simple: technology should be harnessed to both streamline and future-proof the business of law, which any lawyer will tell you, is decades behind the eight ball.

“Most other industries have adopted 21st Century technology by now, but lawyers were amongst a select group of professionals that have, self-admittedly, just been a bit slower to the game.”

Over the past two years, Litify has led the wave of this necessary shift in mindset. The company has grown from an initial group of six to over fifty employees, and is now working with over 100 law firms across the country.

Built on’s platform, Litify provides full service business automation tools to manage every aspect of a law firm’s practice more efficiently. This includes management around intakes, marketing, referrals, cases, and documents, as well as world class collaboration tools, analytics, and reporting (all available on a mobile app too).

The company’s rate of growth has raised many eyebrows in the Legal Tech industry.  Early investors, which include Fortress Investment Group and Esquire Bank, have already seen tremendous results.

In addition to their legal clientele, Litify has a nonprofit arm called which provides free licenses of their technology to local non-profits and organizations that offer free legal advice and help those less fortunate.

“I always dreamed of bringing a tech company back to New Orleans, one that cares as deeply about philanthropy as it does profitability.  Austin and Atlanta have a strong tech presence, why can’t New Orleans?”

2019 will see Litify bring more local sales and marketing jobs to the city, followed closely by engineering and consulting resources.

“This a truly unique opportunity as we are not only transforming an industry but building a tech culture to a city that deserves one.”