Electronic Currency Company Moxey Expands to New Orleans

Baton Rouge-based Moxey is an electronic currency and payment platform that has recently expanded to the Greater New Orleans area.

The business to business trading network lets users purchase Moxey dollars, an interest free line of credit, that can be used to purchase goods and services within the Moxey network. Moxey supports businesses by helping to grow their customer base through promotion and improving cash flow.

“We are passionate about helping people thrive in business and in life,” says Charlie Davis, President of Moxey. “When business owners don’t have to use their hard-earned cash to pay for everyday expenses, it unlocks a lot of hidden potential. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that Moxey will have on the Greater New Orleans community.”

Most of the company’s 4,000 member businesses are based in southern Louisiana. The Moxey Management System, which includes web, mobile, and swipe card technologies, processed more than 100,000 transactions in 2018, totaling over $20 million in volume.