New Twist On Meditation App Launches in Lafayette

There is a brand new guided meditation app available now, with a twist. Hope Mindfulness & Prayer combines both mindfulness meditation and concepts of Christianity.  

Hope Mindfulness & Prayer was created by Taylor McMahon when he found that the typical meditation failed to address the bigger questions of life and lacked emotional depth.

“Even though the market is full of secular competitors, our aim is to first create a new lane; a new category within the meditation market,” shared McMahon. “But eventually, we hope to redefine the market as a whole.”

Meditation has many benefits including stress relief, and improving focus and mood. The app currently has more than 140 meditations available across a range of subjects such as sleep, happiness, relaxation, and creativity.

“We honestly think we have a better and more permanent solution to addressing the long-term emotional condition of living,” McMahon continued. “All meditation is an attempt to achieve peace and contentment, and we think Jesus has a pretty good track record in that regard.“

Silicon Bayou readers get a free month of the app’s premium subscription on meditations using the promo code HOPE1.

The Hope Mindfulness & Prayer is available for free download in both the Apple and Google Play app stores.