The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge Culminates at Pitch Today

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge is a annual pitch event with a specific healthcare-focused topic. This year’s challenge featured social determinants of health.

Hosted by the New Orleans Business Alliance in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana and Ochsner Health System, the goal is to connect local healthcare businesses and stakeholders to startups. Overall, the challenge helps accelerator investment in the local health tech sector.

Today as part of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, the Business Alliance is hosting a finale pitch competition at the Louisiana Cancer Research Center.

“We know that disparities in the social determinants of health –ZIP code, access to transportation, and food security – are as important in determining longevity as your genetic code,” said Quentin Messer, Jr., president and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance. “With this year’s Social Determinants Data Challenge, these two finalists will present their solutions for capturing this much-needed data to improve health at a population level. Healthier residents are able to create and benefit from a more vibrant economy.”

The two finalists this year is California-based MedAux, and New York-based Phreesia.

Stay tuned for mere information about the finale following the event.