EO Louisiana to Host XCentric Conference in New Orleans

XCentric is the Central Region’s annual multi-day learning event designed to help members learn and grow as business leaders

The conference typically takes place in large metropolitan areas such as Dallas or Detroit, but is making its way to Louisiana for the first time next year. In 2020, EO Louisiana will host the conference in New Orleans. EO Louisiana plans to work with local partners and business organizations to help make the conference a huge success.

“New Orleans is such an exclusive town, and EO has had amazing success working with the likes of the LED, Goldman Sachs, GNO Inc., Tulane, Loyola and the Idea Village in the past that we feel like they need to be a part of this historic event. The more the merrier,” said chapter President Erik Frank.

EO Louisiana is the fastest growing chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization in the entire country. The entire EO network is made up of over 8,700 business owners across 122 chapters and in 35 countries.

“EO Global hosts annual events called Universities that showcase the best speakers and provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, often in unbelievable destinations,” said Joshua Loeske, integration chair for EO Louisiana. “XCentric allows for the same top-notch event to be held closer to home, and the smaller setting allows us to foster greater connectivity amongst the attending entrepreneurs.”

Stay tuned for more details about the XCentric Conference in New Orleans.