App for Fast-Growing Gig Economy Launches in New Orleans

An estimated 16 million Americans take advantage of earning extra income through on-demand job opportunities and the gig economy.

A newly launched app in New Orleans, GigSmart, helps workers connect to available job opportunities.

GigSmart can be used by both workers, the people looking for jobs, and requesters, those in need of workers for specific tasks and jobs. The app has over 3,000 pre-loaded job skills to add to a user profile.

“A business, charity or individual requester can search by skill, review profiles and send a gig request to the worker or volunteer of choice. Within minutes, the worker may accept or decline the gig request,” shared GigSmart. “Upon acceptance, the worker proceeds to the gig site or begins working remotely based on the requirements. Once the gig is complete, the worker is then paid through the app.”

The New Orleans launch of GigSmart is part of a nationwide rollout throughout 2019.