BRF Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy

A brand new development is underway in Shreveport. The 20,000 square foot Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy (CMIT) has officially broken ground following a demolition ceremony with local and state officials.

Led by BRF, an organization that runs several initiatives designed to diversify and grow the region’s economy, the opening of the $14.2 million CMIT project will create jobs, expand clinical trial opportunities, enhance research collaborations with higher education institutions, and more.

The organization worked with the State of Louisiana on an incentive package including a $1 million performance-based grant that will help offset equipment costs.

“BRF has been an innovator and will continue to be a leader in the field of molecular imaging and

research,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Access to this technology is vitally important for Louisiana and

this region. This expanded program will increase research collaboration opportunities for our

universities and the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport, ensure access to cutting-edge diagnostic and

therapeutic care for patients, and extend investment in the biomedical and healthcare economies in the

Shreveport Healthcare and Development Corridor.”

The Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy was formerly the PET Imaging Center, specializing in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals, technologically advanced clinical trials and research opportunities for scientists.