New Orleans Students Bring Technologies to Market Through New NSA Partnership

Loyola University has partnered with the National Security Agency’s Technology Transfer Program for a business school course this spring. The program will bring two technologies patented by the NSA into the classroom at the Lean LaunchPad MBA course at Loyola and allow students to assess the commercial potential of each.

Loyola management professor Dr. Felipe Massa and Kate McCrery, director of the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship, will lead the hands-on program.

“The Lean LaunchPad MBA course is part of a deeply experiential and nationally competitive entrepreneurship program at Loyola,” said McCrery. “Our students ‘learn by doing’ through commercializing these real-world technologies, and they develop skills that allow them to be successful startup founders, corporate changemakers, and leaders of innovation, no matter what they do.”

Throughout the semester, the participating students will have a chance to interview potential customers, as well as meet with local business leaders for guidance.

“At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to launch their own technology startup around one or both of the technologies,” shared Loyola.