LSU Reveals Increased Order Sizes Through Appetize POS System

Louisiana State University (LSU) has been testing a new Point of Sale system called Appetize through kiosks around campus.

In LSU’s arena, the university has seen a 16 percent increase in average order size and customers have been purchasing 25 percent more items at the self-service kiosks compared to terminals at point of sale counters.

“We have been working with Appetize since 2017 and recently deployed kiosks to enhance our food service and offer a more convenient and frictionless experience for our students and guests,” said Matthew LaBorde, Assistant AD from LSU. “Appetize made it extremely easy for us to deploy a self-service platform and shift toward the future of ordering at athletic events.”

Across the overall Appetize customer base, order sizes are up 40 percent. The company has Point of Sale kiosks at the AT&T Center in San Antonio and Service Systems Associates, a food service provider with attractions such as the Cincinnati Museum.

Appetize says their customers are focused on guest experience and financial performance. The company’s cloud-based self-service platform, Interact, provides both front of house equipment and back office management and support.

“In the past six months, over 45% of our deployments have included self-service kiosks, and we expect this trend to continue as businesses require more automation and consumers desire a more frictionless experience,” said Max Roper, co-founder and CEO at Appetize.