The LA Wallet Digital Driver’s License App is Free to Download This Month

In 2018, digital agency Envoc partnered with both the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and State Police to make the digital driver’s license a reality. The LA Wallet app launched last year, allowing Louisiana driver’s license holders to create a digital replica of their license on a smartphone.

A state law under Act 625, amended during the 2016 Legislative session, made it possible for Louisiana residents to carry a digital copy of their license as an alternative to a physical license.

Through the end of this month, LA Wallet is free to download and activate, which is normally $5.99. Once you active the digital license, it is valid until the expiration date on your physical license.

Also known as Louisiana Digital Driver’s License, the app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. The digital driver’s license comes with a tamper-proof seal, which is why law enforcement officials can accept the digital license. While completely legal for driving purposes, users may be asked to produce a physical driver’s license to a law enforcement office outside of traffic stops or checkpoints.