New Orleans Welcomes the Community for Its WixCon2019 Event, a website development platform with over 150 million of users worldwide, hosted its second WixCon2019 at the Cannery in New Orleans. Welcoming over 100 attendees, the three-day event provided members of the Wix and New Orleans community with the opportunity to further enhance their skills, network, and exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs.

Created for and by members from the Wix community, the event attracted an international audience of Wix Experts––web professionals who build Wix websites for clients––including designers, developers, marketers, digital agencies and more. Experts presented across a variety of topics and led hands-on educational workshops which included SEO, marketing, coding and website trends, all of which help businesses continue to thrive. 

“New Orleans is an iconic city, with a strong entrepreneurial culture and array of local foods and diverse culture our attendees could enjoy,” said SarahGeorge Durham. “That strong spirit made New Orleans a perfect fit.”

Keeping with the community theme, the final day of WixCon included a collaboration between the New Orleans SBDC and Wix. The partnership invited local entrepreneurs, web designers and marketers for workshops and trainings.

“Thank you, Wix Community, for organizing such an amazing WixCon NOLA event!” attendee Melissa WineBrenner said. “From the guest speakers to marking off bucket list items (hello- we were IN a Second Line!) – I loved every minute of it! I am grateful for each of you – thank you!”

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