New Orleans Named Next Great Technology Hub

Business Facilities Magazine, a corporate site selection marketplace and new portal, recently released a list of top tech hubs around the country. 

The list includes innovative, vibrant communities with thriving startup ecosystems, noticeable economic development incentives, and some big name tech companies. New Orleans made the editor’s list of twelve cities as a “sweet spot for high tech.”

“The leading high tech hubs have developed a startup ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs and plants the seeds for sustainable growth from innovators who bring scaleable products to life,” shared Business Facilities

New Orleans is highlighted for its attractive “low cost, high culture,” which has attracted tech companies like GE Digital, DXC Technology, inXile Entertainment, Accruent, and High Voltage Software. 

“New Orleans is one of the world’s most fascinating and unique cities, and no other city offers the same extraordinary mix of history, culture and innovation,” continued writers from Business Facilities. “New Orleans is the world’s next great technology hub.

Other cities on the list include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, and Denver.