Co-Working Space vs. Incubator: Which Is Right for Your Startup?

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

The majority of startups — 69%, in fact — get their start at home. But where do you go from there? As your business grows and scales up, it may be time to invest in a public workspace. There are a couple of early options for small businesses: You can take your business in the direction of a co-working space, or choose an incubator.

But how do you know which one is right for you?

“Before making any decisions, an entrepreneur needs to assess what their needs are and what they’re looking for in a space,” says Myra Corrello, a business growth strategist and founder of Find Your Spice. “Co-working spaces and incubators both have great strengths for startups, so your selection really depends on what you need.”

Here are three things to consider before choosing a space for your business.

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