RNvention Inks Manufacturing Deal with Medline Industries

Shreveport is home to a growing number of entrepreneurs and startups, many of them supported by the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), which provides services to companies through North Louisiana. To date, EAP has assisted over 200 startups. 

One of those businesses in medical startup RNvention, a company designed to serve as a resource for clinicians who want to develop solutions to the challenges faced in the healthcare industry. RNvention has inked a deal with medical supply manufacturer and distributor Medline Industries. 

The deal means Medline will manufacture, license, and market RNvention’s first product called Multinix. The tool is a 7-inch device that helps nurses with bedside patient care with 15 features combined. 

 “We feel that this product is going to change healthcare providers’ lives for the better,” said Wayne Nix, former neonatal nurse and co-founder of RNvention. “The final design assists in everything we do around a patient – from opening packages and clamping lines to splitting pills,” Wayne Nix said. “Health systems are going to realize new efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line and provide better care to the patients.”