A Medical 3D Printing Lab is Growing Inside This New Orleans Hospital

There is an innovative medical 3D lab inside of the Ochsner Baptist campus in New Orleans. Run by neurologist Korak Sarkar, the Ochsner Medical 3D (m3D) lab is developing and using advanced visualization, anatomical modeling, and simulation in medicine.

Through the use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D printing, the lab is able to facilitate patient education, enhance medical training, and improve clinical care delivery.

“With 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, the m3D lab can build accurate, individualized 3D models from medical imaging,” explains the m3D Lab’s website. “VR allows clinicians to explore patient-specific anatomy in ways they never could before.”

Ochsner patient Jalanea Lowe was diagnosed with a rare condition in which the base of her skull was not properly connected to her spine. She needed a delicate procedure to stabilize her head and spine to prevent further injury. The m3D lab stepped in to assist before the procedure by creating a replica of her spine for the surgeons to study, using innovative technology to assist at the hospital.

The m3D team continues to assist physicians and patients throughout the area. Sarkar hopes the lab will help grow the sector to be a leader nationwide, and for virtual reality, healthcare, and 3D printing to be sustainable in the city. 

Take a virtual tour of the lab here.