How Baton Rouge-Based Agilify Helps Organizations Improve Their Agility

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

Entrepreneur Nhi Nguyen says that when she was working as a development consultant several years ago, she started to suspect the Agile development principles that were regularly employed for software development would be valuable when applied to other areas of just about any company’s operations.

“This is not just an IT thing; this can be done in business, so let’s see if we can make this work for business projects,” Nguyen recalls thinking.

Nguyen explored her idea on a side project with colleague Jeremy Starns, applying the principles of Agile — which focuses on iterative development with a heavy emphasis on self-organizing cross-functional teams — to help a company streamline its business operations.

The success of that part-time experiment led to other projects and eventually to a new company — Agilify, which she founded with Starns in 2016. “We were able to get work through word of mouth,” Nguyen says.

Today the rapidly growing Baton Rouge-based company is helping a wide range of organizations transform their business processes by emphasizing transparency, changing work habits and measuring outcomes.

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