Woman-Led Medical Device Company Wins Louisiana Startup Prize

The Louisiana Startup Prize connects entrepreneurs in Northwest Louisiana with mentors and investors that can help grow their business from an idea or early stage status into a successful business. 

Winter Innovations, a startup changing the way surgeons perform simple tasks, won this year’s Startup Prize pitch competition. According to the competition organizers, the startup is working to innovate the whip stitch method of surgical stitching with a two-part hollow needle. 

“Their aim is to revolutionize the way the surgical world operates on athletic injuries like ligament and tendon repair and replacement.”

Winter Innovations is run by founder Lia Winter along with co-founder Preston Dishner in Memphis, TN. The duo took home $25,000 as the grand prize winners, as well as new connections to investors and potential partners. 

“Winning the Louisiana Startup Prize is such an incredible accomplishment. We put a lot of time and effort into preparing, and we are truly honored that the judges selected us as the winner,” said company founder Lia Winter.