New Orleans Entrepreneur Launches Content Series on Transformation

Every entrepreneur has a story, and it usually involves—in no particular order— both ups and downs and successes and failures.

Neel Sus is the founder and CEO of Susco Solutions, a local tech firm that exists to help people lead more fulfilling lives by creating intuitive software for high-growth, people-centric businesses and organizations. After over a decade in business, Sus decided it was time to make a change both professionally and personally. 

“Three years ago today, I turned 39 years old,” shared Sus. “I was walking up the stairs when I realized my knees were really hurting… and then out of the blue, it hit me – I am a hot mess and I’m going to be 40 in a year: I was 100 pounds overweight, working 70 hours per week, smoking like a chimney, and constantly worried to the point that I needed Ambien on an almost daily basis.”

Following that realization, Sus decided to pursue a transformation. His plan was to reprogram himself in order to tap into his full potential, all while experiencing authentic success and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Sus is now at a healthy weight, no longer a smoker, has a great work-life balance, sleeps better, and has found happiness while living in the moment and still pursuing professional and personal goals. 

Sus’s personal transformation has changed his approach to leadership at Susco, which has been a driver for significant gains in revenue, profit, client satisfaction, and employee engagement over the past 3 years.

On top of that, Sus decided to further tell his story and launch a content series on transformation with the goal of helping others break down barriers in how they perceive problem-solving. The Intersection of Digital + Personal Transformation will be a collection of lessons Sus has learned over the course of his life, including topics like:

  • The Power of “Why”
  • Too Much Too Soon Always Fails.
  • Monitor. Measure. Repeat.
  • Common pitfalls in allocating enough time & money
  • Defining Stakeholder Engagement
  • Are You Willing to Make Difficult Decisions?
  • Old Habits Die Hard

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