Crowdfunding for Esports Club at Southern University Laboratory School Now Live

Southern University Laboratory School has a new Esports club that launched this past summer. Founded by the school’s Esports coach Christopher Turner, the club lets students compete in game titles online for scholarships and prizes. 

Turner has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the equipment students need to practice and play esports after school.

“The competitive leagues offer scholarships to help students pay for college,” shares Turner. “Nowadays, colleges offer esports programs for students, which creates a new viable path to college for those who may never have considered obtaining a higher education.”

So far, 13 students are competing for scholarships and prizes through the program. 

With 10 days left in the campaign, organizers have raised $1,047 of their $5,000 goal. 

“The goal of the Southern University Laboratory Esports Club is to provide an outlet to all students to relieve stress through gaming, as well as forming competitive teams that will be part of yearly competitions such as High School Esports League, PlayVS, and many others.”