What’s Happening Today at TEC Next, a Conference at the Intersection of Tech and Manufacturing

TEC Next, a conference hosted by both technology and manufacturing companies primarily in South Louisiana, debuted yesterday in Baton Rouge. The conference focuses on the evolving relationships between manufacturing and technology. 

“This event is designed to bring together experts from both industries to delve into the exciting changes on the forefront as technology and manufacturing come together in the broad category of Industry 4.0,” shared a representative for the event. “Conference presenters will speak to topics related to the impact of technology in manufacturing, with the goal of connecting industry leaders in the increasingly digitized manufacturing field.”

The conference kicked off yesterday in Baton Rouge and featured a keynote presentation on construction operating systems, as well as several TEC Talks, based on the well-known TED Conferences.

With a similar structure for today’s final day of the conference, attendees will hear from leaders in the chemical and petrochemical manufacturing industries. Topics, based on the broad category of Industry 4.0, include cybersecurity, virtual reality simulations, augmented reality, the Industry Internet of Things (IIOT), and the “Plant of the Future.”

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