Scale Sets Grand Opening Date for New Orleans Coworking Space

With coworking spaces popping up all over New Orleans, it’s hard to keep track of them all. One of the newest shared workspaces on the block is a growing community of makers, builders, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and designers. 

Scale Workspace, located in the city’s Innovation Corridor in downtown New Orleans, provides the usual coworking offerings such as floating memberships, desks, and private offices for rent. What makes the space unique is that the company also provides industrial resources such as 3D printing and fabrication equipment. Scale also houses a craft room, textile station, and electronics bench available for member us. 

The coworking space has been gaining members since opening in March, and now has a grand opening date set for November 5. 

“Since the birth of Scale, we have been working diligently to build a solution for the local economic problem that surrounds local manufacturing and product development in New Orleans.”

Scale Workspace’s founders believe the more they can help keep businesses, talent, and manufacturing in New Orleans, the better the local economy will be. 

“Scale members are a part of a networking ecosystem that fosters creativity and success.”