New Orleans Entrepreneurs Launch Interactive Anti-Agency

Izeify is a brand new interactive “anti-agency” founded by two female founders in New Orleans. 

The company officially launched on August 16 and already has clients in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, North Carolina, and the U.K. Most of their clients are in the growth stage of business and have the means to put money behind their sales and marketing. 

Co-founders Adele Tiblier and Christine Iglesias met while working at a local marketing agency.  When they were brainstorming a name for the company, they made a long list of all the services they provide and realized they mostly end in either “ize” or “ify.” These services include helping clients optimize, simplify, strategize, amplify, operationalize, and more. 

“We see ourselves differently than the traditional marketing agencies of the past,” shares the company’s website. “We are nimble, and deeply versed in digital marketing and sales process automation.”

For now, Izeify is focused on long-term retainer clients and will accept a number of projects per month. The company primarily offers strategy, marketing and advertising, sales and predictive analytics, and business intelligence. 

“We’re moving fast but thoughtfully and purposefully,” Tiblier told Silicon Bayou News. “We believe in delivering value quickly and exactly where it’s needed.”