Lyft’s Fast Match Feature Launching at New MSY Airport

International ridesharing company Lyft has created a new and more efficient pickup experience available at several airports across the country. 

“Instead of searching for your driver at often-hectic pickup areas, we’ll direct you to a clearly marked Lyft pickup area,” shared Lyft.

Fast Match will be available at the new airport in New Orleans, which open on November 6. 

To request a Fast Match, check out the instructions below: 

  1. Enter your destination, and request a standard Lyft ride. 
  2. If available, you’ll see a new screen pop up in your app. Tap Get code to get your unique four-digit code. 
  3. Follow the directions and join the Lyft Fast Match line. (A friendly Lyft ambassador will be there to assist you.) 
  4. When you get to the front of the line, show your code to the driver. Once you’re matched, hop in, and be on your way. 

“We are excited to continue to serve as a solution oriented partner with cities and airports and are grateful to the support and leadership at MSY for their part in making this possible.”

Fast Match is also available in San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles, Midway airport in Chicago, and LaGuardia airport in New York.