Louisiana Has a New Mobile App for Child Safety

A Covington-based company has released a new mobile app that allows law enforcement to alert parents if any registered sex offenders have contacted their child, or if the child is near an offender’s home. 

The OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood app uses the company’s database of registered offenders, paired with the monitoring of a child’s smartphone or device.

OffenderWatch has partnered with all registering law enforcement agencies in Louisiana to help parents protect their children and communities. 

“Our mission is to help law enforcement better protect communities from sexual predators, so we’re constantly innovating to offer new solutions to improve safety online and in neighborhoods,” said Mike Cormaci, president and co-founder of Covington-based Watch Systems, parent company of OffenderWatch. 

Sheriff Greg Champagne of St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office shared that Safe Virtual Neighborhood is the only online sex offender partnered with law enforcement. “It’s using data and information the public can trust.”

The app is available to purchase for $9.99 for the year, which covers the cost for an entire family.